Katie Hileman (she/hers) is a DIY theatre maker working out of Baltimore, MD who is passionate about making and producing new plays. As a theatre maker, Katie likes to do it all, but primarily works as a director, playwright, intimacy choreographer, performer, producer, or some mix of all 5.
Her original work centers around messy, ugly, contemporary women, focusing primarily on issues surrounding the beauty, pain, and absurdity of living in a fat body. She also makes work about how much she hates theatre, the patriarchy, herself, and being alive. She likes to keep her plays weird and hyper theatrical with the belief that plays are meant to be experienced, not just watched.
She is the Artistic Director and co-founder of The Interrobang Theatre Company where she has acted, written plays, directed, and cleaned toilets. With her company, she has produced over a dozen new works for the stage, including runs at Charm City Fringe Festival (Best of Fringe 2014), Charm City Nights on the Fringe, and NYC Fringe. Beyond Interrobang, Katie has worked as a theatre maker for many local and regional companies and universities, including The Acme Corporation, McDaniel College, UMBC, JHU Barnstormers, Rapid Lemon Productions, Tres Brujas Productions, Single Carrot Theatre, Cohesion Theatre, Venus Theatre, RepStage, Submersive Productions, and more.  
Katie holds a BFA in Acting from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and an MFA in Theatre Arts from Towson University. She is a collective member of Submersive Productions, and an assistant faculty member of Theatrical Intimacy Education
Katie has worked as a theatre educator since 2018, moving from graduate assistant to adjunct faculty at Towson University, and later at UMBC. She primarily teaches "Intro to Acting for Non-majors", and loves showing students how applicable basic theatre skills can be to situations in their own professional careers. 
Katie joined Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE) as an assistant faculty member in 2021. Theatrical Intimacy Education teaches best practices for handling scenes of intimacy in the rehearsal and class room, and teaches workshops about consent, boundaries, and trauma-informed practices for theatre makers all around the country. Katie has accumulated a substantial amount of hours training with Theatrical Intimacy Education, including hours spent assisting TIE's workshops. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid.
Outside of theatre, Katie likes to bake bread and pet dogs.
She currently teaches acting and choreographs intimacy at UMBC.

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