Written by Katie Hileman
Part of Rapid Lemon Production's "Variations on Myth" 10-Minute Play Festival
Directed by T.P. Huth
"Where political commentary had been a blade slashing in a single direction earlier in the evening, Nothing Taste as Good as Skinny Feels by Katie Hileman allowed us a sample of the pain our insecurities inflict on us, regardless of our weight, whether we are victimized for it or a victimizer. As serious as this sounds, I enjoyed the surprise of seeing our first case of the amazing use of a prop, as Before (Mani Yangilmau) scarfed down a slice of cheese pizza, in an erotic fit of caloric passion."
—Mandy Gunther (TheatreBloom)
Two women named Before and After meet in a gym. They talk about their own bodies, each other's bodies, and fight over a slice of pizza. Does nothing really taste as good as skinny feels? Or is that just a myth fed to women to get them to hate themselves and each other?
Location: Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD, May 2019
Produced by: Rapid Lemon Productions
Actors: Christine Demuth and Mani Yangilmau
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