Written by Jen Diamond
Directed by Katie Hileman
Comedy duo OLGA is super psyched to perform for you a brand new night of stand up comedy!!! Well, they would be psyched – except Jen’s boyfriend just broke up with her in a frozen yogurt shop. And Pam is unemployed and unable to buy a Bitcoin. And something really, really bad happened just a few hours ago and it might just change both of their lives forever. Half stand up, half theatre, The Alibi Play is a comedy that kaleidoscopes reality, fantasy, and friendship to figure out what it means to be a truly Good Person.
The piece was a recipient of the 2019 Maryland State Arts Council Creativity Grant. The show was named one of the “Best Things To Do in Baltimore” by Baltimore Magazine.
Location: Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD, June 2019
Produced by: OLGA
Actors: Jen Diamond and Pamela Hugi
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